Our installations and workshop


In Cejalvo Decorations we have excellent production facilities and highly qualified staff, which works by combining the most advanced methods with the most ancient traditions.

The abstraction of the design on paper is passed to the workshop, where there are two specialities : the jewelry that shapes the delicate metal and fine enamel to fire in the metal bracket that comes to life, color and light.

Pressure, heat and electricity, will have an impact on metals to acquire forms, reliefs and colors.







Stamping process, draft, engraving and polishing


Given that not all pieces are color, perhaps this is the most important part of production.

The blades, awls and chisels, are extensions of the hands of artisans, which affect the metal, to cut the profile of the decorations or the branching burin carving, stars or points that highlight under the transparent glaze.

Fine enamels to fire





Grinding processes, enameled cast and brushed


All enamels used are shiny metal silicates, hard, capable of perfect polish, cast to 950 º C.Of these, the company has a wide palette consisting of a wide range of colours and tones that have been accumulated by the seniority and the time devoted to this facet scale.

"Gripes" Small golden sheets

medalla del senado medalla del congreso de los diputados medalla de solar de tejada

Medals of Senado, Congreso de los Diputados y de Solar de Tejada.


For further enrichment of the pieces, we sometimes use the technique of the small golden sheets, where taking advantage of the malleability and ductility of gold, small fragments are formed in fine gold, with artistic forms, which patients are embedded and incorporated into the enamel itself.