Our history

The company was founded in 1860 by Mariano Cejalvo Sanz and has since then principally been engaged in the manufacture and sale of decorations and the creation of jobs related to fine enamels to fire.

During his management, in 1884, S.M. Alfonso XII awarded the title of Supplier to the Royal Family.



Later, Fernando Cejalvo Gonzalo took over, a descendant of Mariano Cejalvo, who became one of the first specialists of Spain in enamel on precious metals and enamel paintings.

Heir to the procedures and methods of his elders, and developing his skills abroad, he knew how to elevate to the highest degree of perfection a technique and an art that is the result of the tireless work of several generations.


Years later, his son, Mariano Cejalvo Cejalvo, gave the company a modern dimension in their management.

During all these generations of the Cejalvo family, we have maintained a love of work done with passion, skill, patience and meticulous perfection.